Oil Changes

Stay on schedule with routine oil changes at  Mt. Juliet Tire Center.  To keep your vehicle running its best, be sure to visit us!

An essential maintenance operation that will keep your car in good condition is staying on schedule with oil changes. Oil changes keep your vehicle to operating smoothly and efficiently, and are a cost effective way to extend the service life of your vehicle. Regular oil changes will also help you avoid expensive repairs down the road.

When should you schedule oil changes?

  • Typically changes should be performed every 3,000 miles
  • Always consult your manual as vehicle manufacturer's recommendations may vary 

Our oil change service includes:

  • Removal of old oil
  • Replacement of old oil filter
  • Where necessary, lubrication of fittings 
  • Replenishing oil with a high quality selection
  • Checking and topping off all fluids

Our selection of conventional, semi-synthetic, and synthetic oil as well as high mileage oil meets the needs of most every vehicle. Contact us today!

For common questions like, 'how much does an oil change cost', or 'how often should you get your oil changed' - contact your trusted technicians at Mt. Juliet Tire Center in Mt. Juliet, TN!

Oil changes essential

Lubricant is crucial in the prevention of engine part wear due to excessive friction. High engine operating temperatures eventually lead to the thermal breakdown of oil, making it less effective as a lubricant. Acid neutralizing additives in oil lose effectiveness over time, and oil becomes saturated with dust, water and combustion residues causing engine corrosion. Oil performs many necessary functions, and clean oil will perform much more effectively than dirty oil. Regular oil changes are essential to vehicle's performance and safety. Neglecting regular oil changes will lead to poor engine performance.

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