Check Engine Light Service

While the illumination of a check engine light is not exactly a welcomed sight, it is actually an extremely beneficial feature. The “Check Engine” light displays when something is wrong with your vehicle and in effect tells you, “Let’s get this fixed before it turns into a bigger problem!”

The advanced technology behind engine diagnostics allows our knowledgeable technicians to quickly pinpoint the exact problem. Some common reasons for the check engine light to illuminate include:

  • Loose gas cap
  • O2 sensor (part of the emissions system, monitoring and helping adjust the air-fuel mixture)
  • Catalytic converter
  • Mass air flow sensor (monitoring the amount of air mixed in the fuel injection system)
  • Spark plug wires

To avoid compounding problems, it is essential to have professional engine diagnostics performed at the first display of a check engine light. We will provide complete diagnostics and perform any necessary services, allowing you to return safely to the road in no time. Contact us today to set an appointment.

How does check engine light diagnostic system work?

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools connect directly with the vehicle’s on-board computer. The software communicates with the vehicle computer to reveal a diagnostic code, which we cross-reference with our database of manufacturer vehicle codes. Diagnostic codes indicate a broad range of problems, from simple to complicated. The code provides the necessary information for finding the proper solution to the vehicle problem. Engine diagnostic technology also enables us to provide the most accurate estimates for repair costs and the amount of time that will be necessary to address the problem.

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