Tire Repair

When a driver thinks of tire problems, the first thing that comes to mind may be a blow out, but other issues may occur. An object can penetrate a tire without being detected causing a serious puncture. A slowly leaking tire will experience a continual drop in pressure, causing a number of problems including poor handling and gas mileage, as well as compromised safety on the road.

Your tire may have a slow leak and need repair if:

  • Deflation reoccurs soon after inflating the tire
  • If the tire shape is different compared with other tires

Our tire repair services:

  • Finding the puncture
  • Preparing the tire for repair
  • Insertion of a plug/patch into the puncture
  • Sealing the patch with adhesive

Do you have a tire in need of repair? Our tire experts will provide reliable, safe, and thorough repair service. Contact us today!

Do not put off tire repair 

It is easy to put off tire repairs and just continue to re-inflate a leaking tire. Though it may seem like you don’t have time to come in for a repair, putting off it may mean the difference between a low cost repair and having to purchase a brand new tire. Driving on a damaged tire is not only unsafe, but also may compound the original damage. Because tires are a sizable investment, whenever possible, we provide a thorough and lasting repair that will have you back on the road in no time without further problems.

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