Differential Services

4 x 4 differential services are essential to preserving gear life and performance.

As your vehicle’s mileage accumulates, high operating temperatures can lead to the degradation of differential fluid. This can lead to contamination and ultimately cause the differential gears to grind. It is essential to change differential fluid according to your owner’s manual specifications to avoid gear grinding and premature differential wear.

4 x 4 differential service benefits:

  • Optimize differential life
  • Prevent rust and corrosion in the differential
  • Decrease wear and differential gear flaking
  • Prohibit oxidation deterioration due to high temperatures
  • Reduce high speed differential gear oil foaming, which reduces lubrication

Transfer Case Services

4 x 4 transfer case services include replacement of the lubrication fluid in the transfer case, which promotes a clean and cool environment, allowing gears to turn smoothly. Changing transfer case gear oil according to the owner’s manual recommendations helps to extend the life of the transfer case by preventing premature wear.

4 x 4 transfer case service benefits: 

  • Decreases oxidation deterioration caused by excessive heat
  • Minimizing wear and gear flaking
  • Maintains seals and bearings

If you are looking for quality 4 x 4 services, we can help. Contact us today to learn more information.

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