Shocks & Struts

Is your wheel vibrating? Is your tire tread uneven? It could be your shocks and struts. Have them checked at Mt. Juliet Tire Center.

Promoting a smooth ride, your shocks and struts help to hold your vehicle's tires to the road. Worn out shocks and struts can be can be extremely hazardous. It is a good idea to have your shocks and struts checked once a year. Replacement is usually recommends every 50,000 miles, or as prescribed by your vehicle manufacturer manual.

Signs that shocks and struts need service:

  • Strange sounds from shocks and struts such as clunking or squeaking while vehicle is in motion
  • Excessive vibration in steering wheel
  • Noticeable bounce when stopping vehicle
  • Uneven or unusual tire wear

Our shocks & struts service includes:

  • Inspection of shocks and struts 
  • Removal and replacement of worn shocks and struts

Regular maintenance of your shocks and struts will help you to avoid costly damage to your vehicle and tires. Our experts will perform a complete inspection and, if needed, replace shocks and struts with new components of the highest quality. Contact us today!

Replacement of shocks and struts

A strut is a complete suspension assembly. Shocks are part of the overall suspension. Not every vehicle has both shocks and struts. Some vehicles only have struts, while others have only shocks. The two basic functions performed by shocks and struts include enabling ride control and dampening spring oscillation. This prevents the vehicle from bucking when poor road surfaces are encountered. The replacement of shocks and struts enhances vehicle performance and prevents the wear of your tires and suspension parts, including the ball joints, steering linkage, springs and C.V. joints.

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