Wheel Alignment

Is your vehicle pulling to one side? Could be an alignment issue. Have your wheel alignment checked at Mt. Juliet Tire Center.

Wheel alignment and tire balancing are essential steps in proper tire maintenance. When wheel alignment and balance are not correct, this results in more wear and compromised overall vehicle performance.

Wheel alignment involves adjusting the angle of the wheels to the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. Also referred to as front end alignment or tire alignment, we perform wheel alignment with precision equipment to ensure proper tire alignment for your vehicle.

Indications of Poor Alignment:

  • Vehicle pulls to one side
  • Wheels do not point straight ahead, causing steering problems
  • Noticeably uneven tread wear
  • A recent accident or collision may affect alignment 

Our wheel alignment service includes:

  • Inspection tire tread wear for signs of misalignment
  • Checking the caster, camber, and toe measurements
  • Performing necessary wheel alignment adjustments

Proper wheel alignment will help you to avoid steering problems and tire damage. Our alignment evaluation will make sure that you are moving in the right direction with your vehicle maintenance. Contact us today!

Wheel alignment makes a difference

Did you know wheel alignment is an especially important concern after impact damage? A collision can knock your vehicle significantly out of alignment. When having repairs, a wheel alignment is also likely to be necessary. Maintaining the precision positioning of the components of your auto suspension system will allow for maximum wheel and tire performance. Poor road surfaces will jar your car out of alignment, resulting in steering instability and a rough ride. Wheel alignment problems need to be managed to keep the vehicle from succumbing to long term problems. The moment you see signs of improper wear on your tires, have your vehicle inspected for faulty wheel alignment. Precision wheel alignment service does not take long, and will help you avoid more complicated problems down the road.

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